Interlex, a dispute resolution approach, offers comprehensive services to settle and/or resolve disputes, conflicts, differences, divergences and other difficulties in a just, expeditious, efficient, legal and economic manner. It uses an original methodology tailored to each case, in different contexts such as mediation, conciliation, facilitation, arbitration, negotiation and even litigation, combining the elements of justice for the requirements of the case, in the same manner as elements of the periodic table of chemistry combine to form a compound for a particular purpose.

Debate, the Court approach, and dialogue, the common sense out-of-court approach, differ in their fundamental objects and purposes. Debate answers the question: who’s right or what are the rights of the parties? Dialogue answers the question: what’s best and how would the interests of the parties be best served? Interlex reconciles who’s right with what’s best, that is to say achieving economically sound results while respecting the rights of the parties.

Interlex is most often used in complex matters of deeply-rooted conflict that have resisted argumentative and other conventional approaches. In most such instances, Interlex assists parties, sometimes at the initial request of only one of the parties, to co-operate to settle and/or resolve the matter in a positive and constructive manner. The initiation of a process likely to lead to the desired result is sometimes referred to as “sponsorship”; it is comparable to the procedure introducing a law suit before a court, except that “sponsorship” issues invitations to participate as opposed to commands to appear.

Interlex is user friendly to lawyers, managers, and other professionals and validates the investment that the parties have made in the work of such professionals. Interlex, the firm, was incorporated on July 9, 1984 under the Canada Business Corporations Act and commenced its operations on August 1, 1990, establishing its head office and principal place of business at 3680 de la Montagne Street, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2A8. Interlex provides Room for Dialogue™. Interlex is however mobile and goes to the scene, site or locus of the matter.

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